Pokemon Go Hack 2016

Pokemon Go Hack

If you were born some fifteen to thirty years ago, you probably watched Pokemon as a kid or a teenager on your TV and dreamt of being a Pokemon Master. And to become that you will need pokemon go hack tool!
It was such a huge part of our childhoods. We watched the series, filled our albums, traded cards and so on, but as the time passed by its popularity started to fade. The series stopped airing on TV; the albums were removed from the stores and bit by bit it became just a distant memory. But even though the show stopped appearing on TV and people stopped talking about it, it remained in our hearts.
We hoped it would someday return and be a huge part of our lives, but never have we thought that we could be the real Pokemon Masters, that is until wild Niantic Labs appeared.
If you’re not on board of the hype train, you should read the whole article, but if you already are, you can just simply skip to the part you’re interested.

pokemon go hack

Pokemon Go Free Coins

Niantic Labs created Pokemon Go. A revolution in the world of gaming and a revolution in how the world sees Pokemon.
Pokemon Go is a newly developed game for iOS and Android users all around the world. It’s available on Itunes and Google Play Store, and you can download it for free, but only if you are currently residing in the US, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. You might wonder, ”how is it available to all the Android or iOS users around the world when only people from these four countries can download it?”. Well, everybody can download and install Pokemon Go, and it’s not illegal to own it in any other country in the world, it’s just a bit trickier to download it. If you live in any other country in the world besides these four, fear not, you will find many online guides on how to acquire the game.
Once you download and install the game, you will have to connect it to your Gmail account and in order to play it you will have to be continuously connected to the internet.
After you’ve setup your account, named yourself and prepared for what’s to come, you will be given a starter Pokemon and from there on out, you’re on your own.This is the first game in the world that requires you to move your physical body.
The game revolves around wondering around, finding wild Pokemon, training them, winning gym battles and acquiring all 151 of them.
Seems pretty simple, but in reality, there is much more to it than you can imagine.

Everything you need for Pokemon Go

If you’re already familiar with the concept of Pokemon and know all about how the game works, there are a few tips or ”hacks” we want to share with you.
1. Visit Parks with PokeStops

The idea behind the game is that you can find Pokemon almost everywhere, but if you want to be the very best, you will have to know where the most Pokemon spawn. The highest number of Pokemon are usually in the populated areas such as cities, but the best place to hunt Pokemon would be the Park inside said city. Preferably, a park with multiple PokeStops. This way you will avoid traffic, have an unlimited amount of PokeBalls at your disposal and all the time in the world to hunt as many Pokemon as you like. Bear in mind that different terrain means a different type of Pokemon, so try finding a Park with Lake in it, or a saltwater beach park.
2. Hunt at night

While hunting at night can be a bit tricky due to personal safety, it will allow you to find Pokemon you wouldn’t ordinarily find during the daytime. Don’t visit any Lure-Enabled PokeStops in the middle of the night, try roaming around the neighborhood or your backyard. The night hunt will be a lot more fun if you do it with a small group of friends.

3. Don’t use your candy and stardust right away

This is a beginners mistake and one that many players regret making. When you’re new to the game, it all looks amazing, and you want to try out everything as soon as you can, so you boost your starter Pokemon with everything you have. Don’t do that. Wait until you acquire a stronger, higher level Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Cheats

Unlike Pokemon Go hacks which are more like tips, these Pokemon Go Cheats will make your life a lot easier.
There is a particular currency in the Pokemon Go game called ”coins” and despite the game being free to play, these coins are purchasable with real money. People who spend money to buy coins can benefit from many different things, among them, catching more Pokemon and having stronger Pokemon.
Because this makes a huge gap in the scales of balance between regular players and paying players, a small group of friends developed a generator which allows the regular players to rise to the level of the paying customers.
With this Pokemon Go Generator you will get as many free Pokemon Go coins as you like, but also PokeBalls and Incenses. This Pokemon Go Cheat, unlike the game itself, is available to everybody, no matter which country you are from. So if you want to catch up to those paying users and take matters into your own hands, we suggest you download this at once and take full advantage of what it has to offer.
Furthermore, if you are sick of walking around, trying to hatch those 10km eggs, there is an appropriate strategy you can use to avoid just that.
Remember, your phone has to travel that distance, not you. So in order to make it appear as if you’ve walked the distance, you can attach your phone to the bicycle tire and simply spin it. Or, you can connect your phone to the ceiling fan and let it do the rest.
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For this strategy to work, make sure you firmly secure your device or you’ll end up with a broken screen, as I have while I was developing this masterpiece.